“At Agenconsult it’s all about YOUR project and about YOUR business”

Agenconsult is short for Agencies & Consultancy BVBA. Founded in 2006 as a specialist supplier to the industry we have always aimed at bringing exceptional tools and machinery and their end-users together.

The brands that make up our portfolio are not always the best known companies in the industry but whilst these businesses may be slightly timid in the advertising arena, they do offer a quality level that is second to none and are therefore little treasures you can benefit from.

While we proudly serve quite a number of blue chip companies in the industry we have also strongly developed our own services to small businesses and start-up ventures. Shocked to see that small scale enterprises were not always taken seriously we decided to build equipment for them in-house. Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel we have succeeded in keeping costs down by using as much commercially available parts as possible in clever assemblies that will be most useful to boost your production.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your projects.

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